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 Lone Working

"Lone workers are those who work by themselves without close or direct supervision. Anybody who works alone, including contractors, self-employed people and an employee, is classed as a lone worker." (Health & Safety Authority) 

Our clients are aware that, as employers, they hold the main responsibility for protecting the safety and health of their lone workers. In an emergency, your workers need to be able to make contact with you immediately. If they’re not able to do so, you need to know exactly where they are, and alert your responders as quickly as possible.

At Isle Systems we understand that different work environments require different lone worker solutions. That’s why we’ve designed our technology to operate without any location limitations. Importantly for employers, our systems not only provide a safer working environment for your lone workers, it allows you to stay compliant without any additional workload. 

security for them, peace of mind for you you

 Lone Working Alarms

intuitive alerts, effective responses


Lone worker Man Down

for iPhone

Simple to use app provides for raining an alarm with Outdoor and Indoor positioning. SOS and True Man Down


Lone worker Man Down

for Android

Simple to use app with advanced outdoor and indoor positioning. On-screen SOS button and True Man Down


Lone worker Man Down

Dedicated Devices

Lone Worker devices dedicated to the task of providing Emergency SOS, True Man Down and Location


ATEX Devices

Intrinsically safe ATEX smartphones and dedicated lone worker devices


Rugged Smartphones & PTT/PoC Handhelds

Smartphones for harsh environments with Lone Worker and True Man Down


True Man Down

True Man Down differs significantly from Fall Detection and delivers better protection

Lone Worker & Home Worker Protection

Lone Worker and Home Worker SOS for Smartphones and Devices

Simple and easy to use emergency buttons on smartphones and dedicated devices.

Lone Worker Man Down

Man Down detection for activation when the user cannot use the SOS button.

Motion detection or Fall detection for smarthones and devices

Use motion detection with Man Down for challenging user environments.

GPS/GNSS to precisely locate a lone worker or asset

GPS/GNSS to precisely locate a user in need of help. 

Indoor positioning to room level using beacons or WiFi

Indoor positioning to room level without cables or costly installations.

Proximity warnings for Lone Worker, Healthcare and Assets

Proximity warnings notify personnel when a user is detected in a specified area.

Proximity Alarms for Lone Worker, Healthcare and Assets

Proximity alarms are triggered when a user is detected in a specified area.

Alarm voice call management and recording

Automatic voice call with recording. Auto answer / auto call back support.

Use WiFi, 5G, 4G, 3G, 2G, SMS and Voice Call to trigge alarm

The best mobile coverage using multiple delivery methods. 

(2G, 3G, 4G/LTE, 5G, SMS, Voice Call & WiFi) 

Check-in timer to keep safe even when there is no signal

Check-in timers available to users via SMS text, App or dedicated device.

Build the solution to solve the problem

Tailored configurations for each user provides easy deployment and greater user acceptance.

Make sure to stay compliant without increasing workload

User presence monitoring with active status and history at a glance.

Monitor the status of Users and Assets

Signal and battery monitoring so you know you are covered.

Easy reporting built-in

Device and user status reporting.
(Device in use, Battery status, Sensors, etc.)  

Automated User, Lone Worker, Man Down, Asset and Process Testing

Automated scheduled testing for users, devices and apps. Reports are automatically compiled.

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