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Solutions & Case Studies

When it comes to lone worker, home worker or lone machine monitoring, alerting and communications, which part of the PIE do you need to secure? Is it People, Infrastructure or Equipment? Is it all of them?


Isle Systems provides the most comprehensive and customisable solution to your requirements. We can make sure you have confidence and trust in one piece of your PIE, or we can bring all your pieces together into one centralised system, giving you one window on your critical people, your company assets and your compliance.


Monitoring and Alerting for lone workers, critical systems and assets


You need to keep your lone workers safe. In case of an emergency, they need to be able to make contact with you immediately. If they’re not able, you need to know exactly where they are and alert your responders instantaneously.

We’ve designed our technology so you can implement lone worker solutions without geographic restrictions whether they’re on site, region or country based. You can use our systems from anywhere in the world.


Our range of people solutions includes automated and manned monitoring, SOS emergency alerting, Man Down detection, timed check-in alerting, GPS positioning, indoor positioning, live audio streaming and recording and alarm devices.


Lone Worker Personal Alarm - Man Down


Your fire detection and intruder alert systems keep your business safe and running, protecting your staff and your operations. The more systems you have, the more systems you have to monitor, manage and maintain.


We can integrate your infrastructure protection system into one centralised hub. This gives you one place to go for the processing and communication of your various alerts, saving you time, money and additional headaches.


We design, test and release all of our own software, giving us 100% control of its installation and performance across all your devices and systems. We implement across the widest range of communication technologies:- SMS, GSM, Voice Line, GPRS, 3G, 4G/LTE, Ethernet and WiFi and all without geographic restrictions.


Push to Talk (PTT) and Critical Messaging


Your business relies on your machinery and other equipment to function properly. When a lone machine fails, you need to know instantly so that you can alert your responders immediately. The quicker you can fix things, the greater your output.


We can connect your equipment to our unified monitoring, alerting and communications platform, giving you complete visibility and control over the operations and safety of your people, infrastructure and equipment.


Call centres and email communications are expensive, outdated and slow solutions for critical lone working and lone machine operations. Isle Systems technology bypasses the need for this ‘legacy’ approach. The result? A more unified system with instant response and ‘closed loop’ reporting – and a more cost effective answer to your compliance and safety concerns. 


Case Studies


Consolidating several alarm and alert systems into one - affordably

How one company was able to unify its lone worker, alarm systems and machines, with 100% adoption and super-fast alerting

Protecting dispersed road crews and depots with one system

How one company was able to protect its road workers and dramatically improve its lone worker productivity

One monitoring and alerting system for multiple sites with varied device and user requirements

How one company invested in one solution for all its sites and lone worker/device requirements

One combined device for complete lone worker and non-lone worker monitoring, alerting and comms.

How one company started with a lone worker protection requirement and ended up improving its whole plant

Monitoring and Alerting for lone workers, critical systems and assets

Monitoring & Alerting

Efficiency, speed and accuracy are all key to providing an effective response. Tailor our systems to work for you and inform the people who need to know within seconds.

Lone Worker Personal Alarm - Man Down

Lone Worker/Home Worker Personal Alarms

The right tool for the job is the right tool to use. With our extensive range of lone worker/home worker personal alarms we will find the solution that works for you.

Push to Talk (PTT) and Critical Messaging


Effective group communications do not need to be limited by distance, carrying multiple devices or costly infrastructure. Group Talk and Critical Messaging solved. 

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