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Process & Asset Alarms

Trigger Alarms with external events

Trigger alarms when events occur. Integrate in a common platform.

Monitor, Alarm and Report on critical equipment 

Monitor, Alarm and Report on critical equipment 

From 1 to 1000's of Alarms on a single platform

1000's of inputs, each with its own group of responders

Quickly deploy the correct rsponder for the alarm activated

Directly notify personnel so they can provide the fastest response

Monitor and respond to alarms globally

Share and monitor alarms globally using one common platform

Aspect Link_H260.jpg

For Process & Asset Alarms

Aspect Link provide an efficient platform for receiving, processing and managing process and asset alarms. Interfacing of alarms can be completed using email for from any Process Information system, Dry Contacts over Ethernet or GSM and from hardware interfaces supporting the MQTT protocol. 

A common platform is used to deliver alarms to responders and each alarm can be delivered to a different group of responders. Responders can receive the alarm by SMS text message, directly to their PC via the Alert Manager client or through the Atlas Critical Messenger app. 

Alarms can be managed by responders via SMS text message, PC Alert Manager client or the Atlas Critical Messenger app. When action is taken by a responder all other responders for the alarm are automatically notified and as the alarm progresses to resolution everyone is kept informed.

A full audit of all alarms including Name, Alarm type, Activation Data/Time, Responder Actions, Responder response time, Responder notes and Alarm resolution and closing is recorded and available via a comprehensive management dashboard.

  • Monitor 1000’s of assets easily

  • Multiple interface options

    • Process Information System email

    • Dry Contact - LAN/WAN, eMail, GSM/3G, MQTT

  • Common response platform

  • Route alarms to the correct responders

  • Separate responders for each alarm

  • Know when responder action is taken 

  • Escalate alarms if not responded to promptly

  • Progress updates to all responders

  • Trigger external events on alarm activation

  • Monitor anything- even in remote locations


Aspect Link - Dashboard.jpg
Process Alarm Management example
  • Single common platform for all alarms

  • Simple process for managing alarms

  • Fast delivery to responders

  • Full audit trail for all alarms

  • Activation data/time, response time, resolution time, etc.

  • Dedicated systems for secure use

  • Deploy anywhere - Respond anywhere

  • Scale as required



Triggering External Events -


Aspect Link supports the triggering of external events when an alarm is activated. An alarm from an asset can be routed to trigger external events such as a siren, lock or unlock doors, shut down machinery, etc. 

Every asset registered on Aspect Link can be assigned a unique group of responders and external events. This enables different responders to be notified and different external events to occur when an asset triggers an alarm.

A single alarm activation from an asset can trigger multiple different external events to occur automatically. An example of this is the triggering of a siren and emergency shutdown of plant equipment in a specific area when a man down alarm is activated.  

Atlas IO8_H260.jpg

The Atlas IO8 interface board is designed to simplify the interfacing of external devices to the Aspect Link server. On activation of one of the 8 inputs an alert is raised on Aspect Link which is then delivered to responder’s mobile phones using SMS text messaging, directly to their PC screen and optionally to a mobile responder smartphone using the Atlas CM (Critical Messenger) app which sounds a persistent alarm until action is taken or 60 seconds has passed.

Process Alarm, Asset Alarm, Intruder Alarm, Flood Alarm, Automated Monitoring and Responder Depolyment.
  • 8 x 0 Volt (Dry Contact) inputs per slave controller

  • 10/100 Ethernet

  • Operates from a single 12-24V DC supply

  • Supplied configured and tested

  • Includes licenses for Aspect Link

  • 1 Year warranty

  • Includes 1 x 24V DC 1.5A DIN Rail Supply


Atlas IO8|Process Alarm Dry Contact 0V Interface with 10/100 Ethernet and up to 64 digital inputs
Atlas CM_H260.jpg

Atlas CM gets responders attention to all types of alerts. Alarms from Lone Workers, Critical Systems, Process Alarms, Flood Alarm, Equipment Failure or Anything else are easily managed and responded to using Atlas CM.


With Atlas CM you can route specific alarms to specific responders producing a focused response by the people who need to know. 


Atlas CM delivers persistent Audible, Visual and Vibration notifications. When an alert is received it overrides DND and automatically displays the alarm,  making sure that the user is only disturbed when a real emergency occurs.

In areas where mobile data is unreliable, Atlas CM automatically and seamlessly switches to using SMS communications and automatically switches back when data connections stabilise. 

Atlas CM| Critical Alarm Management. Alarm notification on smartphone with loud audio vibration and visual alerts
  • Receive alerts within seconds

  • Add to any Android Smartphone

  • Persistent audio notification 

  • DND Override

  • Scheduled Automatic Logon

  • Split-Screen Showing Maps & Data

  • Fast Alarm Delivery

  • GPRS, 3G, 4G & WiFi

  • Fallback using SMS

Atlas CM keeps all alarm recipients informed on the progress of an alert, actions taken and it's resolution. 

Atlas CM is designed to work in conjunction with Aspect Link for Lone Workers or Aspect Link for Process & Asset Alarms .

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