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 Home Working

"An employer has the same responsibility for the safety and health of employees who work from home as for any other employees. The employer should accept liability for accident or injury of a homeworker as for any other employee." (Health & Safety Authority)


Given the increase in remote and hybrid-working across all sectors of business and industry, the spotlight has been put on the safety of staff who work from home.  Isle Systems’ intelligent solutions helps you easily extend your Duty of Care to your home workers, while also reducing the sense of isolation that often accompanies working alone from home.

We've tailored our Atlas SOS app (iPhone & Android) for our users by adding unique features such as automatic check-ins and notifications. If no response is received, an alert is automatically delivered to co-workers, managers, team leads, family or neighbours.  


Our home worker range also includes Atlas SOS-WiFi – a small, light device that’s easy to activate and doesn’t require a SIM card or phone as it works over WiFi.   It also includes a dedicated SOS button and optional True Man Down detection.  

increasing safety, decreasing isolation

 Lone Working Alarms

intelligent features for effective responses

  • Simple to use app for iOS and Android or WiFi Keyfob

  • Automatic check-ins and notifications for extra peace of mind 

  • Alarms delivered directly to key responders

  • Web Dashboard for Managers and Team Leaders 

  • Stay compliant without adding additional workload

Home Worker Safety with Are You Ok?
Atlas SOS_H260.jpg
  • App for iPhone and Android

  • On-screen SOS button & Power Button Press sequence

  • Are You Ok? automated check

  • True Man Down detection with pre-warning alarm

  • Time 4 a Break and Finish 4 The Day notifications 

  • TPA (Timed Personal Alert) without mobile coverage 

  • Optional wireless keyfob for remote activation

Lone Worker Man Down for iPhone and Android with remote SOS button

Atlas SOS provides users of Android and iPhone smartphones with both SOS and Man Down alarm activation. SOS/Emergency facilities can be easily accessed from an on-screen button, power button press sequence, dedicated SOS button on Ecom/Sonim, MX, BX, Hytera, Samsung Xcover, and many other rugged smartphones and via the Atlas SOS+ Keyfob. 

Positioning of a lone worker is via GPS and/or WiFi, Beacon giving both outdoor and indoor location services. Alarms can be delivered via GSM(SMS &Voice), GPRS, 3G, 4G, 5G and/or WiFi giving users the best available coverage. 


TPA (Timed Personal Alert) check-in timer features are built-in. TPA continues to work even when there is no mobile coverage. With a timer running, the user can receive up to 4 reminders of the pending expiry. Users can extend or cancel the timer at any point. If the TPA expires an alarm is automatically activated. 

*Some features may not be available on iPhone

Atlas WiFi_H260.jpg
  • Keyfob - small, light and easy to use 

  • Up to 120-day battery - rechargeable

  • Dedicated SOS button

  • Visual indication of status

  • 45mm x 45mm x 16mm

  • Available in black or white

WiFi SOS Button for lone worker or Home Worker
WiFi SOS Button for lone worker or Home Worker

Atlas WiFi is designed for users who are working from home, late in the office, factory floor, hospital or care homes. No SIM card or phone required and only needs WiFi.

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