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Device Management and Deployment

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Atlas hello is a unique solution to common problems when sharing smartphones or just keeping an organisation's address books up to date. Atlas hello simplifies dynamic sharing of contact numbers as users logon/logoff, can restrict outbound and inbound calls and keeps people and critical systems communicating.

Users of Atlas hello are provided with easy access to contact numbers for their colleagues even if their colleague's phone number changes hourly or daily when sharing devices. Inbuilt messaging is also provided and this travels with the user as they logon to different devices. 

To increase the safety of its users, Atlas hello can also be configured to disable the use of the smartphone if it is travelling faster than 10km/h. The prevents calls from being made or received or any use of the phone while the user is driving. 

Atlas hello can operate as an independent application or integrate fully into the suite of Aspect Link monitoring and alerting systems. This integration facilitates routing of alerts to responder's phones and delivery of lone worker user information should they activate an alert. 

Share Smartphones easily, Reduce Infrastucture Costs, Protect from unwanted app installation. Easy to use MDM. Enterprise Messaging.

Simplify Sharing…
             … of Devices 
                                & Contacts

  • Share Smartphones Easily

  • Reduce Infrastructure Cost

  • Enterprise Wide Address Book

  • Enterprise Portable Messaging

  • Dynamically Update Contacts

  • Restricted calling (White Listing)

  • On-Line/Off-Line Visibility

  • Fully Integrated with Aspect Link

  • Rerouting of SMS Alerts

  • Speed detection with usage prevention

  • Encrypted Connections

  • Global Operation


Atlas Hello Example

Atlas Home is a new Launcher/Home screen for Android Smartphones. It simplifies the home screen and prevents users from accessing specific apps or smartphone features.  This simplification focuses the user and provides a consistent operational layout.

Installation or usage of unauthorised apps is prevented and access to the phones settings is also prevented. Permitted apps are defined by a central administrator and pushed to handsets allowing easier rollouts and field updates. Only apps that are permitted are presented to the user.

  • Simplify smartphone use

  • Protect against unauthorised apps

  • Block access to device settings

  • Centralised management

  • Requires Cloud Server

  • Can use Aspect Link Cloud Server


Easy to use MDM. Protect smartphones from unwanted app installation
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