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Why choose Isle Systems? 

Designed with workers' safety at its core

Given that most users of our technology are employees who work alone, we've ensured that our monitoring and alerting systems are accessible across the widest range of communications platforms - SMS, GSM, GPRS, 3G, 4G/LTE, 5G & WiFi - without geographic restrictions.

While more recently, we've added a voice communication product to our portfolio; Atlas PTT (Push to Talk over Cellular - PoC) which further simplifies communication between users and their responders when they need it most.

Custom solutions for multi-sector clients

Our clients come from all sectors of industry incl;  Utility, Farming & Food Production, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Pharma, Public Sector, Security and Transport.

Over the past 18 years, many of the additional features and functions within our systems have been developed in response to specific requests from these clients.  

We are constantly refining our technology, while ensuring the applicability of our custom solutions across the wider market.

We're in control, so you are too

What sets Isle Systems apart from our competitors, is that all aspects of our Monitoring, Lone Worker, Emergency Alerting and Push to Talk solutions are designed and developed by us. 


For our clients, it means a customisable and centralised solution - one that gives you a window on your lone workers, critical people, your company assets and importantly, on your compliance. 

Solutions that put Isle Systems ahead..


Solutions designed, developed and supported by Isle Systems.


SOS/Emergency Alerting with True Man Down detection.


Tracking not required - location is known if an alert occurs.


Delivery of alerts directly to responders within seconds. 


Broadest range (15+) of Lone Worker Devices and Apps.


Indoor positioning using Beacons and/or WiFi (no Cabling required).


Will operate in poor signal conditions and where mobile data is unavailable. 


Common platform for all Alarm Devices, Apps and Users


Dedicated Single Tenant Server for each client/company.


All data is stored in EU Data Centres or on your own servers.

Aspect Link

              our platform that brings it all together

Aspect Link connects alarms to the people who need to know. 
Aspect Link is our fully automated monitoring and alerting system for lone workers, home workers, critical systems, process equipment and all types of assets.  Importantly for our clients, our bespoke technology delivers uncomplicated interfaces and full automation, ensuring ease of deployment and management for all its users. 

Alarms can be delivered by SMS, Voice call, GPRS/3G/4G/5G, Wi-Fi, two-way radio, contact switch, email or over a LAN/WAN IP connection.  Aspect Link automatically processes them in seconds and alerts are delivered directly to responders’ desktops, laptops, tablets and phones.


Catering for any number of users, our system is easily adaptable as client requirements change, without user disruption.   And given our reputation for constant innovation, clients can be assured that its capabilities and features will always reflect the very latest technological advances.


Aspect Link

  • Lone Workers

  • Man Down

  • Home Workers

  • Process Equipment 

  • Assets & Critical Systems ​

protecting businesses 

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