The outbreak of Covid-19 has put a huge strain on companies and public sector bodies, and where possible large numbers of staff are now working from home.


We’re making the Aspect247 lone worker protection service free to use to help them manage this transition safely


With the outbreak of Covid-19 and the need for people to work from home we are making Aspect247 automated lone worker protection service free to use. Availability of this free service will be based on a first come, first served basis and will be offered for 12 weeks with extended free access being added at Isle Systems’ discretion. Terms & Conditions apply. 

Connecting alarms to the people

who need to know.

Lone Worker Protection


Simple and easy to use emergency buttons on smartphones and dedicated devices.

Man Down detection for activation when the user cannot use the SOS button.

Use motion detection along with Man Down for challenging user environments.


GPS/GNSS to precisely locate a user in need of help. 


Indoor positioning to room level without cables or costly installations.


Proximity warnings notify personnel when a user is is detected in a specified area.


Proximity alarms are trigger when a user is detected in a specified area.


Check-in timers available to users via SMS text, App or dedicate device.


Automatic voice call with recording. Auto answer / auto call back support.


Tailored configurations for each user provides easy deployment and greater user acceptance.


The best mobile coverage using multiple delivery methods. 

(2G/GPRS, 3G, 4G/LTE, SMS, Voice Call & WiFi) 


User presence with active status and history at a glance.


Signal and battery monitoring so you know you are covered.


Device and user status reporting.

(Device in use, Battery status, Sensors, etc.)  


Automated scheduled testing for users, devices and apps. Reports are automatically compiled.

Process Alarms & Asset Protection


Trigger alarms when events occur. Integrate in a common platform.


Monitor, Alarm and Report on critical equipment 


Directly notify personnel so they can provide the fastest response


1000's of inputs, each with its own group of responders


Share and monitor alarms globally using one common platform

Monitoring & Alerting

Aspect Link connects alarms to the people who need to know. Aspect Link is a fully automated monitoring and alerting system for lone workers, critical systems, process alarms and all types of assets.

Aspect Link_H260.jpg

Dedicated Server

Direct Alerting to your personnel

For organisations with 10+ lone workers, critical systems or complex requirements

Aspect 247_H260.jpg

Shared Service

Direct Alerting to your personnel

For organisations with 1+ lone workers 

Aspect 247+_H260.jpg

Fully Monitored Service

Managed by our 24/7 centre

For organisations with 1+ lone workers

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