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Mobile Alarm Management

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Atlas CM attracts a responders attention to all types of alerts. Alarms from Lone Workers, Critical Systems, Process Alarms, Flood Alarm, Equipment Failure or Anything else are easily managed and responded to using Atlas CM.

With Atlas CM you can route specific alarms to specific responders producing a focused response by the people who need to know. 

Atlas delivers persistent Audible, Vibration and Visual notifications. When an alert is received it overrides DND and automatically displays the alarm,  making sure that the user is only disturbed when a real emergency occurs.

In areas where mobile data is unreliable, Atlas CM automatically and seamlessly switches to using SMS communications and automatically switches back when data connections stabilise. 

Atlas CM| Critical Alarm Management. Alarm notification on smartphone with loud audio vibration and visual alerts
  • Receive alerts within seconds

  • Add to any Android Smartphone

  • Persistent audio notification 

  • DND Override

  • Scheduled Automatic Logon

  • Split-Screen Showing Maps & Data

  • Fast Alarm Delivery

  • GPRS, 3G, 4G, 5G & WiFi

  • Fallback using SMS

Atlas CM keeps all alarm recipients informed on the progress of an alert, actions taken and it's resolution. 

Atlas CM is designed to work in conjunction with Aspect Link for Lone Workers or Aspect Link for Process & Asset Alarms .

Emergency messaging with text to speech

Eolas messaging makes it easy for users to action important and emergency messages. Using the WEB portal, Eolas messages are sent to individuals or preconfigured groups and delivered directly to their smartphone screens in seconds.

Messages can be automatically displayed in 
large text and automatically read aloud to the recipients.

When mustering groups of people or when its crucial, you know your message has been seen and actioned, Eolas messaging delivers this in a simple to use solution.

  • WEB Portal to create and manage messages

  • Message delivery within seconds

  • Automatically display emergency messages

  • Automatically read emergency messages aloud

  • Large text format to read from a distance

  • Single tap to acknowledge

  • SMS message fallback for resilience

Emergency messaging with text to speech
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