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Alarm Response

streamlined with Aspect Link

When it comes to choosing an alarm monitoring and alerting system, you need to know that when it matters most, it will connect the user to the right people, in the shortest possible time.  

Aspect Link is the ultimate, fully automated alarm response platform designed, developed and constantly refined by Isle Systems to ensure that nothing is left to chance. 

  • Protection for lone workers

  • Faster response through automation

  • Location without geographic limitations

  • Home worker features without intrusive tasks

Indoor positioning using Beacons or WiFi. Outdoor positioning using GPS GNSS

Intuitive and easy-to-use

devices for all environments

Whether you’re a lone worker or home worker, or perhaps you’re working outdoors in remote locations, or maybe you’re constantly on the move?  Whatever your working day looks like, we’ve got a personal alarm system that will suit you and keep you feeling safe and secure.   

Aspect Link_H260.jpg

Directly alerts the people who need to know

With a dedicated server ensuring direct alerting to your personnel, Aspect Link is ideal for medium to large companies with 10 + lone workers, critical systems or complex requirements.


At a glance, Team Leads, H&S and other nominated persons can see who's lone working, who's home working, current status, history and more.

With uncomplicated interfaces and full automation, Aspect Link delivers unparalleled safety, ease of deployment and ongoing management for all its users.

Aspect Link Alarm Management and response for lone worker, mand down and assets


Aspect Link_H260.jpg

Dedicated single tenant Direct Alerting to your personnel

Aspect 247- Shared Automated Alarm Monitoring and Response

Shared Service with Direct Alerting to your personnel

Aspect 247+ Manned Monitored Alarm Monitoring and Response

Fully Monitored Service
Managed by our 24/7 centre

Atlas CM| Critical Alarm Management. Alarm notification on smartphone with loud audio vibration and visual alerts

Stay in control. Manage alerts from your mobile or tablet

With Atlas CM (Critical Messenger) you're in control by managing alerts from your mobile phone.   Alerts from Lone Workers, Home Workers, Critical System, Flood Alarm, Equipment Failure or Anything else are easily managed and responded to.


You can route specific alarms to specific responders producing a focused response from the people who need to know.   It also keeps all recipients informed on the progress of an alert, the actions taken, and its resolution.


Atlas CM delivers persistent Audible, Visual and Vibration notifications. When an alert is received it overrides DND, making sure that the user is only disturbed when a real emergency occurs.

Atlas CM| Critical Alarm Management. Alarm notification on smartphone with loud audio vibration and visual alerts
Atlas CM| Critical Alarm Management. Alarm notification on smartphone with loud audio vibration and visual alerts
  • Receive alerts directly within seconds

  • Persistent audio notification with vibration

  • DND Override ensures alarms won't be missed

  • Split-Screen Shows Maps & Alarm information

  • Data connection over GPRS, 3G, 4G/LTE, 5G & WiFi

  • Seamless fall-back to SMS if data is unavailable

  • Scheduled Automatic Logon

Emergency messaging with text to speech

for important emergency messages

When you need to send an emergency message to a group and be sure it's been seen and actioned, Eolas messaging streamlines the entire process, making it easy for users to action important  messages.

Using the WEB portal, Eolas messages are sent to individuals or preconfigured groups and delivered directly to their smartphone screens in seconds.  Messages can be automatically displayed in large text and automatically read aloud to the recipients.

  • WEB Portal to create and manage messages

  • Message delivery within seconds

  • Automatically displays emergency messages

  • Automatically reads emergency messages aloud

  • Large text format to read from a distance

  • Single tap to acknowledge

  • SMS message fallback for resilience

Emergency messaging with text to speech
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