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ANT Telecommunications Limited 
Unit 5, The Courtyard
Furlong Road
Bourne End 
Buckinghamshire, SL8 5AU

United Kingdom

p: +44 1494 833100
e :


ANT Telecom provides system integration solutions that include design, implementation and maintenance of communication infrastructure for medium to large businesses.


ANT Telecom has provided lone worker solutions for blue chip companies for over 30 years. As a result we have developed a tremendous amount of know-how to overcome customers' lone working issues. As you would expect within this time we have chosen the very best lone worker systems and devices from the leading manufacturers throughout the world. We are always evolving and working with the latest technologies available to constantly improve our customer solutions.

Whether you have a few lone workers or hundreds we have the technology and know how to design a solution to meet your requirements.

And our key strengths are our well-chosen technology partners and our workforce who combine technical know-how with a strong focus to deliver an excellent service.


Nydamsvej 49
8362 Hørning



Baldersbuen 29f

2640 Hedehusene


p :+45 87 89 90 00

Care-Call's business is consulting, supply and servicing of the call, communication and personal security solutions for hospitals, nursing homes, institutions, schools and businesses - areas they have worked with since the company was established in the year 2000.

Care-Cal's goal is to maintain a unique knowledge of the situation of their customers in relation to the products and services they provide. This knowledge must be translated into solutions that fully meet their customers' needs, desires and expectations.

Care-Call strive to build long-term relationships with their customers and suppliers, a promise is a promise and order number two from the same customer means a lot to them. It is absolutely crucial that their customers experience investment in equipment and services commensurate with the benefits given to the customer. Care-Call ensure this by offering to find the right solution the first time and subsequently maintain this for the absolute lowest prices. In everyday life, Care-Call act with flexibility where customer needs are always at the centre.


Noby AS
Cecilie Thoresensvei 5

1153 Oslo


p : +47 23 03 14 00
e :
w :

Noby AS is a Norwegian security whole seller for  Lone Worker monitoring systems, Smoke Detectors, Fire Alarm, Intrusion Alarm, Camera Surveillance, Transmission Systems and Access Control. Noby AS introduced the residential smoke alarm to the Norwegian market in 1973, and this was the start of our development to become a security whole seller for Intrusion and Fire Alarm systems. The security portfolio has since then expanded to include the mentioned product areas as well as installation equipment and power supplies. 

Our focus and commitment is to sell quality products from serious suppliers and to supply our customers with products they can trust. Noby has a high professional expertise, and we are ready to help our customers with continued new development in new technology. The company is located in Oslo, where we also have a large warehouse. And thanks to our large storage capacity, in most cases we have very fast delivery throughout Norway.


It is important for us that our customers receive support when needed, and therefore we have a large technical department to handle any questions before, after or during installation of our products either by phone, e-mail or TeamViewer. 


Become a Reseller Partner


At Isle Systems, we see three factors driving the growth of solutions to protect lone workers, infrastructure and equipment. Compliance, mandating that organisations do risk assessments and provide for their people’s safety. Cost, because traditional alerting solutions connected to manned, always-on call centres are very expensive compared to automated solutions where the technology evolves with the organisation. Complexity, because it takes too much time and effort to manage all the lone worker, infrastructure and equipment systems and suppliers.

Isle Systems provides an unrivalled range of lone worker and personal emergency SOS devices and solutions that work inside or outside, without geographical restrictions, anywhere in the world. We automate both the front office and back office. Our monitoring and communications solutions allow organisations to know exactly where their workers are at any time and respond instantly to threats to their people, their facilities and their equipment.

What do our customers get? Peace of mind, because we take the worry away from the duty of care to their lone workers, their infrastructure and their equipment. Confidence, because they have 100% protection of their human and physical assets, and instant, multi-secure alerting and communications. Affordability, because our technology automates the traditional and expensive approaches like bricks and mortar call centres and on-call staff. Productivity, because they improve their uptime and efficiencies through instant, unified alerting.

What do you get as an Isle Systems partner? Growth, because lone worker monitoring, alerting and communications is a growing space. Margin, because there are considerable percentages, profits and other opportunities on offer for partners. Opportunity, because you can establish a strong foothold with market-leading products and solutions in your region.

We’re happy to work with both referral and reseller partners. Our referral partners register the opportunity with us and make the introduction, then we work with them to secure the business. In return they receive their referral percentage. Our reseller partners develop and secure the business themselves at very attractive reseller discount rates, contracting directly with their customers and retaining the relationship to provide products and services.

You know your local market better than we do, which is why we have a policy of working with partners in our international regions.

- Do you specialise in security and health & safety?
- Do you have customers in the private, corporate or government markets?
- Do you market to, sell to and service your customers?
- Are you looking to grow your business with a sticky, future-proof product suite?

If you answer yes to these questions, it would be great to hear from you.

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Thank you for your interest in becoming an Isle Systems partner.

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