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About Us

Isle Systems is a leading developer and provider of Monitoring, Lone Worker, Emergency Alerting and Push to Talk solutions. Founded in 2005, our key clients are in the public sector, manufacturing, transport, logistics and utilities. Users of our technology are generally but not limited to employees who work alone and are at a higher than normal risk level.


The unique design of our technology enables the implementation of our solutions using the widest range of communication technologies:- SMS, GSM, Voice Line, GPRS, 3G, 4G/LTE, 5G, WiFi and more and all without geographic restrictions.


Since 2005 our key focus has been our range of monitoring systems, portable handheld devices and smartphone apps for use by isolated lone workers at risk of injury, attack or abuse in their work environment. In 2016 we added a complementary technology to our portfolio by developing a voice communication product called Atlas PTT. This new development further enhances the safety and security of our users and simplifies the communication between responders.


As all of the monitoring technology, lone worker companion apps and a selection of the hardware in our range is developed by Isle Systems we are in the unique position of knowing everything about the underlying software, hardware and operational usage, enabling us to provide unparalleled features and support. By taking total control of the design and development of all aspects of our systems from monitoring to lone worker devices ensures the maximum level of reliability.


We are an efficient company with a focus on only employing people with extensive experience in designing the best solutions for our clients. There are many features and functions within our systems that have been developed in response to our client’s requirements. Over the past 16+ years we have gained extensive knowledge and experience of from these clients and this has enabled us to better enhance our technology to suit their changing needs.


We integrate the latest technology, features and client requirements. This ensures that our products will adapt to our clients’ changing needs.

Key points that differentiate Isle Systems:


  • Designed, Developed & Supported by Isle Systems

  • Lone Worker Apps for iPhone and Android with True Man Down detection

  • Dedicated devices with support for alarm delivery over GSM, 3G, 4G/LTE, 5G & WiFi

  • SOS/Emergency Alerting with True Man Down detection using Angle, Motion and No Motion

  • TPA (Timed Personal Alerting) Check-in timers for lone workers

  • Integration available for connecting legacy Two-Way-Radio systems to the Aspect Link

  • Outdoor positioning using GPS/GNSS

  • Indoor positioning using Beacons (No Cabling) and/or WiFi

  • Alert audio recording and streaming with automatic two-way communication

  • Delivery of alerts over WiFi, Mobile Data, SMS and Voice Call.

  • Will operate even in very poor signal conditions and where mobile data is unavailable

  • Tracking not required. Location is known if an alert occurs

  • Nationwide “Two-way-Radio” PTT/PoC over mobile network (Group Communications)

  • Vodafone SIM with roaming to other networks providing the best coverage possible

  • Broadest range of lone worker devices and apps

  • Delivery of alerts directly to responders within seconds

  • Web dashboard with audit history and alert management

  • Full Alert Management console with multiple responder support

  • Common platform for alarms from GSM, 3G, 4G/LTE, 5G, WiFi, Fixed Location and DMR devices

  • Interfaces for Process and Asset alarms through the same common platform

  • Every user/device/alarm is configurable to have a different group of responders

  • All data is stored in EU Data Centres or your own servers

  • Dedicated servers for each customer/organisation

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