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Atlas SOS_H260.jpg
  • App for iPhone and Android (Samsung, OnePlus, etc.)

  • On-screen SOS button & Power Button Press sequence

  • Optional wireless keyfob for remote activation 

  • True Man Down Detection with pre-warning alarm

  • GPS/GNSS and Indoor Positioning without tracking

  • TPA Timed Check-in with GPS/GNSS positioning

  • Simple and easy to use


Atlas SOS provides users of Android and iPhone smartphones with both SOS and Man Down alarm activation. SOS/Emergency facilities can be easily accessed from an on-screen button, power button press sequence, dedicated SOS button on Ecom/Sonim, MX, BX, Hytera, Samsung Xcover, and many other rugged smartphones and via the Atlas SOS+ Keyfob. 

Positioning of a lone worker is via GPS and/or WiFi, Beacon giving both outdoor and indoor location services. Alarms can be delivered via GSM(SMS &Voice), GPRS, 3G, 4G, 5G and/or WiFi giving users the best available coverage. 

TPA (Timed Personal Alert) check-in timer features are built-in. TPA continues to work even when there is no mobile coverage. With a timer running, the user can receive up to 4 spoke reminders of the pending expiry. Users can extend or cancel the timer at any point. If the TPA expires an alarm is automatically activated. 

*Some features may not be available on iPhone

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