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True Man Down differs significantly from what is commonly known as “Fall Detection”. Fall Detection is a low cost and mostly inaccurate method of providing Man Down Detection. It requires that a user free falls from at least 1m and then suddenly comes to a stop. 

In the more common event of illness or injury a person generally does not suddenly fall to the ground but passes through stages of decent before finally resting on the ground thus preventing a Fall Detection. True Man Down detects this action by monitoring the angle of the user/device and whether it is in motion or not. If a user is incapacitated the device will be beyond the threshold angle and a Man Down detection occurs. 

True Man Down Detection


To enhance this detection, a feature called Motion Reset can also be used to reset the Man Down detection if the device/user is still moving enough while in the Man Down position. This is very useful for users whose duties require them to lie down to perform inspections or other tasks. 


When a True Man Down Detection event occurs, the user is presented with a warning sound and/or vibration for a period. If the user/device returns to the normal operating position or a Motion Reset occurs the pre-warning sound and/or vibration automatically stops, and an alarm is not sent. Fall Detection devices require interaction with the user because they cannot detect a return to normal condition and can become cumbersome to their users.

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