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Atlas S10_H260.jpg
  • Smart micro device with dedicated SOS & PTT buttons

  • True Man Down Detection with pre-warning alarm

  • GPS/GNSS and Indoor Positioning without tracking

  • Extensive coverage using 2G, 3G, 4G/LTE & WiFi

  • TPA Timed Check-in with GPS/GNSS positioning

  • Optional Nationwide PTT “Two-Way-Radio” communication

  • Desk Charger and Holster available

  • Receive alarms from other lone workers or assets

  • 130g / 108 x 53 x 17 mm (w/o belt holster) 


Atlas S10 is a smart micro device that provides extensive features in an extremely compact and rugged formfactor. Weighing only 130g, is easy to carry and with support for 2G / 3G / 4G multi-band & WiFi this device provides the best coverage for its users, even in harsh conditions.

The Atlas S10 further enhances user safety by also being able to receive alarms from other lone workers using any other lone worker device or app and also from assets (e.g. Fire/Intruder alarms, pump failure, machine failure, etc..). Adding Atlas PTT delivers group/team/organisation wide communications without limits on range and with loud and clear audio.  

Atlas Fob+_H260.jpg
  • Small, lightweight and simple to use

  • Dedicated SOS/Emergency button 

  • True Man Down detection with pre-alarm & automatic reset

  • GPS/GNSS Positioning with/without tracking

  • Extensive coverage using 2G & Global 4G/LTE

  • IP67 - Dust proof, water resistant

  • 48g / 65mm x 46mm x 17mm

  • Desk charging cradle


Atlas Fob+ is a small, lightweight, and easy to use emergency button. It offers excellent performance by utilising 2G/GPRS, 3G and 4G mobile networks. Users are better protected when not limited 2G/GPRS only and avail of the latest widespread communications. 

True Man Down detection using angle and safe angle reset is available with audible pre-warnings.

Atlas Click2_H260.jpg
  • Large dedicated SOS button

  • Rip-cord option to trigger SOS

  • True Man Down Detection with pre-warning alarm

  • Optional GPS/GNSS positioning without tracking

  • Loud Speaker with Auto Answer in Hands Free mode

  • Good coverage using 2G & 4G/LTE & Optional WiFi

  • 50g / 61 mm x 46 mm x 19 mm (w/o belt clip) – IP67


Atlas Click2 is small and lightweight, very easy to use and adapts to a user's specific needs. Accessories such as a belt clip, ID card holder, Lanyard with ripcord, watch strap and more all make the Atlas Click a very versatile personal emergency alarm.

lone worker man down GSM 3G 4G GPS IP67 Rugged light weight speed dial large SOS button
  • Large dedicated SOS button

  • True Man Down Detection with pre-warning alarm

  • GPS/GNSS positioning without tracking

  • Very Loud Speaker with Auto Answer in Hands Free mode

  • Great coverage using 2G & 4G/LET & Optional WiFi 

  • 90g / 102 mm x 49 mm x 20 mm (w/o belt clip) – IP67

  • Docking station available

lone worker man down GSM 3G 4G GPS IP67 Rugged light weight speed dial large SOS button

Atlas Protector+ is a dedicated lone worker device that contains its own integrated mobile phone technology. The Protector+ has been designed to provide lone worker SOS and Man Down facilities in normal and harsh environments. 

Atlas WiFi_H260.jpg
  • Keyfob - Small, light and easy to use with 

  • Up to 120-day battery with rechargeable battery

  • Dedicated SOS button

  • Visual indication of status

  • 45mm x 45mm x 16mm

  • Available in black or white

  • Keyfob or Lanyard or fixed location


Atlas WiFi is designed for users who are working from home, late in the office, factory floor, hospital or care homes. No SIM card or phone required, only needs WiFi.

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