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Isle Systems Swift Blog - Incidents and Isolation for Solitary Workers

This Isle Systems Swift Blog recaps on a recent series of posts about protecting against incidents and isolation for lone workers, home workers and remote workers.

Accidents involving lone workers in dangerous or vulnerable situations, and hefty fines for those companies that transgress their duty of care, seem to grab all the headlines and most of the investment in monitoring, alerting and communications. But incidents like sudden illness and issue of isolation for the huge amount people working alone that are much more commonplace. They don't get the headlines, the attention or the priorities.

We cover the different types of sudden illness that can arise in the workplace, and the types of violence that can emerge from working situations.

Read more here.

We explore incidents in the home office, accidents in the home office, and mental health concerns for people who spend a lot of their working time in non-dangerous, but lonely environments.

Read more here.

How you can protect all of your staff - lone workers, home workers and non-isolated staff - cost-effectively by automating the technology they already use.

Read more here.

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