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Isle Systems Swift Blog - Case Studies in Monitoring, Alerting and Communications

Here’s the short hand on 4 recent Isle Systems case studies. 4 different situations, 4 different industries.

Protecting dispersed road crews and depots with one system

- Looking for proactive protection for workers in high-risk occupations

- 70 users and 1 centralised system for monitoring, alerting and communications

- Protected, compliant lone worker operations now drive major productivity gains

Read the full blog post here.

Consolidating several alarm and alert systems into one – affordably

- Separate lone worker, alarm and machine alerting systems

- Initial requirement for a dozen lone workers, before adding non-lone workers, alarm systems and machine alerting

- Faster alerting and one communications umbrella

Read the full blog post here.

One monitoring and alerting system for multiple sites with varied device and user requirements

- Company looking to capitalise on its size with central purchasing across multiple sites

- Initial requirement for 5-10 one workers in the main site, which grew to hundreds of users, multiple sites and different device types

- One system, but with site-by-site tailored solutions and project management

Read the full blog post here.

One combined device for complete lone worker and non-lone worker monitoring, alerting and communications

- Pharma company acquired an existing plant and infrastructure with several buildings and coverage challenges

- Initial 10 lone worker requirement evolved into a multi-function device for all site staff

- Better, more streamlined adoption of the single, multi-function device

Read the full blog post here.

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