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Roaming SIM for Lone Worker, PTT & Telemetry

Roaming SIM on Vodafone for all of EU and UK

Isle Systems have partnered with Vodafone to provide a dedicated Roaming SIM for use in Lone Worker, Home Worker, Telemetry and PTT/PoC devices and is available for use across all EU countries plus UK, Norway and Switzerland. This SIM will roam internationally and also in the country of origin.

In the unlikely event of a Vodafone signal not being available a device using this SIM will automatically roam to a Vodafone partner network. This roaming occurs in the home country or any of the EU member states providing best in class coverage.

  • Primary network on Vodafone

  • GPRS/3G/4G(LTE)

  • All EU States plus UK, Norway & Switzerland

  • Roaming to partner networks in all states

  • For use with Lone Worker, PTT and Telemetry devices

  • Data bundles from 250MB to 1.5GB per month

  • Example: 250MB = up to 400min PTT talk


Roaming SIM on Vodafone for all of EU and UK
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