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PTT/PoC Group Communication

Atlas PTT provides users with the “One to many” voice features of traditional PTT (Walkie Talkie) services but without the infrastructural cost nor the dedicated hardware. Atlas PTT operates using an app running on a compatible Android smartphone and a data connection (GPRS*,3G, 4G & WiFi).

 Atlas PTT provides organisations who have a definite need for PTT/PoC functions with a simple way for many people to talk as a group without range or geographic limitations.

Atlas PTT supports up to 64 channels per system. With the active talker display, all users can visually see who is talking even when the app is not in the foreground. An active user list for the current group/channel and all users is also easily displayed.

  • PTT/PoC for Smartphones

  • Operates over GPRS*, 3G, 4G & WiFi Data

  • Connect people without special hardware

  • Up to 64 channels per system

  • Users per channel only limited by server RAM

  • Easily switch between channels

  • User presence per channel

  • Active users list (Global Address book)  

  • Simple and easy to use

  • Per user restrictive channel access

  • Priority channels force user connectivity

  • Microphone and Speaker audio boost support

  • Integration with dedicated PTT button on Atlas MX, Sonim, etc.

  • Cloud or On-Site system deployment