Protecting dispersed road crews and depots with one system

How one company was able to protect its road workers and dramatically improve its lone worker productivity Proactive protection for workers in high-risk occupations This company has contracts in place to maintain the roads and margins at a number of sites, as well as working with the emergency services to respond to accidents and close roads, set up diversions, provide tow trucks, clear any debris and prepare roads for reopening. The company did not have a lone worker solution in place. They technically did not have lone workers, since their staff worked in crews or at least in pairs, but they weren’t comfortable with this arrangement. In noisy road traffic environments the workers wear ear

For complete monitoring, alerting and communications control, think PIE.

There are never enough hours in the day for the senior person in charge of their company’s health and safety. They’re faced with a barrage of complexity, critical systems, lone workers to keep safe, and compliance. What they really want is confidence, peace of mind and some of their time back – and if that all comes at an affordable price then so much the better. Every company is different, but the busy health & safety manager can still organise their requirements and solutions in the same structured way. At Isle Systems we call this the PIE approach. It stands for People, Infrastructure and Equipment, the three main areas that you need to cover. When you think about it this way, you might f

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